Yes. Currently the wait times for a trunk are approximately 2+ years. I build 4 trunks at a time and move my way through the wait list in the order of receiving confirmation from customers who want to be placed on that list.

Please email Russ at info@barnandstable.com if you have further questions or if you would like to put your name on the list.

I will email you prior to my starting on your trunk… at this time I will confirm your order and ask you for your model (full or half tray) and colour choice. I will also ask for the information you want on the nameplate and your contact information for shipping purposes
Please notify by email if you change your email address as this is the recommended communication method. If I don’t receive notification I won’t be able to contact you and you may risk losing not getting your trunk for a lengthy duration
Yes, of course! We totally understand that life throws us curve balls and you may need to change your position on the list or your order can be completely declined with no pressure or expectation for a reason – there are many people waiting on that list who would be happy to move one trunk closer to getting theirs!
Yes, of course, unless you have asked for special changes or colours.  If you wait until I’ve made the changes, or had the nameplate engraved, I would be out the costs of getting the personalized items for you and that obviously wouldn’t be a good situation for me.  But any time before that you can cancel for any reason.  It has happened a few times already, but if I have to build in this potential loss to the costs of the trunks, I’m sure others won’t be happy… let’s just not go there…
Definitely. There are a number of ways you can personalize your trunk:

You have two choices, either a full tray or half tray version

  • Colour – There are 5 colours to choose from: Oak, Mahogany, Espresso, Walnut, and (for a classic RCMP look) Navy Blue. There are many colours out there so if it isn’t one of these, for a nominal surcharge I can make it whatever you choose, however, you are pretty much stuck with your choice and I’ll ask for a deposit if the colour is really bizarre.
  • Engraving – The standard engraving is included in the price of the trunk and is on a typical trophy sized plate that has three lines and is mounted on the lid. You may change it and have your own personal message; however, the standard wording for the engraving is the recipient’s full name, regimental number and either the dates served or the member’s anniversary date and troop number. You can order additional plates if you want to put locations, partners, special events or whatever, but there is an additional cost to these.
  • Photographs – you may have seen some trunks with photographs mounted on the inside of the trunk lid. These are a special request and come with an added cost. I have put member’s graduation photos and current photos in these frames, however, they might not be something you can easily change. Some trunks have the photos permanently mounted; one recently had the frame altered so the photos can be changed but this took a lot of effort and workmanship and this incurs more costs to the final price.
I will send you an email when I am about 2 weeks from starting your trunk. Assuming I’m able to reach you we will be in more frequent contact as I confirm the details related to your trunk, the build-status, engraving details, payment methods and shipping information.
Well, yes, but please keep in mind that your order is processed in the order you got on the waiting list. I recommend ordering your trunk *well* in advance of any intended special date. Please also note, due to limited space in my home I cannot hold onto completed trunks. Traditionally, when they are finished they are shipped out the door. And on that note, I don’t keep any available for viewing (for those wanting to ‘drop by’ and see what they look like)
Unfortunately, no. I set my prices based on the prices of the materials I purchase and I have no space to keep a lot of material so they can change within a month. If the prices of materials increase because of the changing value of the US/Canadian dollar or any other reason, regrettably I have to change my prices to reflect that change. I do try my best to keep the costs as low as possible, but I cannot guarantee the prices won’t change. I don’t take any down payments for that reason. (and for some silly reason I have yet to see my material costs drop???)

Yes, it’s understandable that you would want to know where you are and when you might expect to see your trunk. On this website’s homepage and also on my Facebook page, I update which customer numbers I am working on so you can get a general idea when those current customers ordered their trunks. Note: These wait list numbers aren’t the same as the actual trunk serial numbers, but understand that I build 4 trunks at a time and each one gets a new serial number. Normally I advise in an email what customer number you are and you can email me to find out what your number is if you have deleted the email.


No, I endeavor to keep urns immediately available at all times. The only way there might be a wait is if it is either a special order or it’s a double sized urn. There is the understandable urgency in getting an urn shipped and I try to ensure there is very little waiting time. Both the single Oak and Cherry urns are available for immediate delivery. Double urns may also be available for immediate delivery, depending on inventory. Personalized brass name plates are included in the price but require 1-2 days’ advance notice, even for urgent orders.

Please email Russ at info@barnandstable.com if you have further questions or if you would like to put your name on the list.

Standard single urns are fully compatible with the RCMP Columbarium in “Depot” Division, measuring approximately 9″ wide, 7 1/2″ deep and 9 3/4″ high. Custom urns can and have been built using different measurements and dimensions, but the opening measurements of the niche, if not at Depot Division, must be known in advance.

This can be discussed over the phone. Changing the sizes or styles of the urns can become a time sensitive issue and isn’t a guarantee they can be readily available. It would be best to have a discussion about any custom requests. NOTE: Some niches or columbariums are different in size so it is imperative that the opening as well as the inside measurements are determined before any customization can be considered.


Electronic Funds Transfer is the #1 preferred method, however, you can pay for your trunk or urn using cheque, cash or money order. Note that historically, Canada Post hasn’t been the most trustworthy method of getting payment here. Electronic payments can be sent to info@barnandstable.com.

Normally I send the trunks out to you and trust that payment is made right away.  I have only had one issue where payment wasn’t made for some time and I took a loss on the shipping charges (I’m not too happy about that either considering there isn’t a lot of profit in this enterprise) so this might change in the near future, but you will be notified of any changes.  I’ve been very trusting in the past 350+ trunk orders but there always seems to be at least one fly in the ointment that causes everyone to suffer…


Yes, for sure. I am currently located in Surrey, BC so if you’re close by or plan to come to the Lower Mainland, we can make arrangements for you to pick up the order in person. You must have room to take it away though, an enclosed truck, larger hatchback or SUV will suffice, but trying to fit it into the trunk or back seat won’t work (bring blankets too!)
Unfortunately, no. I ship to every location in Canada and the prices can vary based on the Province, Territory and/or remoteness of the final destination. Included in the costs are packing, insurance and the actual courier costs, along with those nasty taxes. My shipper can select from a few trucking companies and always finds the least expensive method to get it to you.
Yes, by having the trunk sent directly to a trucking/courier depot for pick up you can save some money. Or by sending it to a larger centre, like to a friend or relative, who can hold it for you. This can save a lot of money if you are in a remote location.
Yes, however, I must collect all the costs prior to shipping the item(s).
Yes. My shipper does an awesome job packing the trunks safely and I always ensure there is insurance when it goes out (not expensive at all) and I personally pay that cost up front before they go out the door.


Yes. Although the RCMP comprises the majority of orders, I have used crests from the Masonic Lodge, CAF, RCAF, OPP, VPD, etc… and if you have a crest you’d like to use for an urn or even a trunk, please contact me directly to discuss.

My engraver also provides a laser service that has been used successfully on a few special orders and, as well, other avenues are continually being researched to provide additional options.  Don’t be afraid to ask how to incorporate your own ideas as well!!

Yes. My company is the ONLY licensed business authorized by the RCMP Foundation to build or sell trunks and/or urns bearing the RCMP crest and/or logos. Each trunk and urn sold involves the payment of a royalty to the Foundation used for a variety of charitable causes.
NO! I take extreme pride in the products I build and have no plans to outsource.  I personally construct all trunks and urns from scratch in my home-based workshop, however, due to limited space, obvious talent and concerns over the never-ending dust situation, I engage an independent professional finisher who completes the final stages and does an awesome job making my products look fantastic!  David Dasrath, from FJD Finishing Inc. – FJDFIN@Gmail.com – is a respected expert in finishing and much sought after artist in the Greater Vancouver area.