Trunks are sold out through 2018

//Trunks are sold out through 2018

Trunks are sold out through 2018

New orders are currently not expected to be completed until well into 2019.

As a result of the continued interest in the regimental trunks, pre-orders have now been booked into 2019, unless production changes favourably.

By request, you may be put on the waiting list; however, as this list continues to grow we will be looking at 2019 for the completion date for all new orders. Please note that because of the long wait list and the ever-increasing costs of supplies, future pricing will inevitably reflect those changes.

Please don’t hesitate to email for further information.. Please monitor the website if you plan on ordering trunks for a special event. We would like to be able to accommodate such requests but they will be limited as well. Thank you for your patience and for those who have ordered and received their trunks, thank you for your continued business!

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