Proudly handcrafting regimental RCMP trunks and urns since 2007

As a tribute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and our Canadian Armed Forces, Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks & Urns is proud to offer handcrafted, elegantly finished, and fully licensed products, including:

  • The “Steamer” Style Regimental Trunk for the RCMP, CAF and other agencies, including the Vancouver Police Department, Ontario Provincial Police, etc.
  • RCMP and CAF Regimental Memorial Urns
  • Customized Memorial Urns, which include combinations of agencies and/or departments outside of the RCMP and CAF

Our products are uniquely designed and hand built in our workshop, located in Surrey, BC. We pride ourselves on quality and have ensured each of our products is handled with care from start to finish. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and would love to hear from you.



The regimental trunk is uniquely designed and hand crafted to reflect the classic RCMP steamer trunk. Each trunk is carefully constructed with high quality hardwood and is elegantly finished with the appropriate RCMP/CAF/VPD/OPP crest, leather handles, unique serial number, and a removable tray.


Crafted from solid oak or cherry, these urns bear the RCMP or CAF crest and a personalized nameplate. Urns are fully compatible with the RCMP columbariums in “Depot” Division as well as Beechwood Cemetery, the Ottawa-based National Military/Memorial Cemetery of the Canadian Forces and RCMP.


We are proud to offer additional accessories that will be sure to make your trunk shine! These beautiful accompaniments include our melton wool tray liners and our tempered glass etched tops. These products can be added to any new trunk order or can be purchased separately for any trunk previously purchased.






June 2023 – Update from the Shop!

June 9th, 2023|Comments Off on June 2023 – Update from the Shop!

Hello from Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks & Urns! It has been a while since last posting anything, and I'm sorry for that. I experienced a bit of a medical situation that kind of slowed me down for the past 5 months, but I'm optimistic that things will continue to get better soon. I have been able to build in order to keep up with my orders thankfully, so things got rolling again and I'm [...]

September 2022 – Update from the Shop

September 15th, 2022|Comments Off on September 2022 – Update from the Shop

Happy Labour Day.. Well friends, it's back to school for the kids and summer is pretty much over for the rest of us. I am back in the shop and will be spending less time on the golf courses. I have been able to catch up completely on my "running order list". There is still a number of customers who had asked for a postponement on their orders, however, I've been continually building and supplying [...]

November 2021: No Wait List!

November 17th, 2021|Comments Off on November 2021: No Wait List!

Now's the time to take advantage of NO WAIT LIST! I have been very busy in the shop over the past 20 months and was able to get a LOT of trunks out the door! I have now emailed everyone who has asked for a postponement. I have received a number of responses and have sorted out the list of upcoming orders.At this time, if you place an order (or re-order) you will now receive [...]


“Let me start off by thanking you for crafting such a beautiful piece of art. My parents recently purchased a Classic Regimental Trunk for my 30th birthday and I must tell you that it is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever received. As I’m sure my mom already indicated, this piece is of significant meaning to me as I was a good friend of an RCMP member who lost his life. One of my memories was placing some special and sentimental pieces in their trunk which went to his family. I remember looking at it and admiring its perfection. I managed to organize all of my kit and collectibles into this trunk which complements our furniture nicely.”
Dave | Lower Mainland, BC
“Our urn arrived this morning and was in perfect condition. It was well packed and made it to us safely. I was so impressed with the finished product, it is lovely, the wood is finished beautifully and the crests and inscriptions look amazing. I cannot thank you enough for making this beautiful urn for us. I feel this urn is a very special place for our loved one’s ashes. I believe if he were here to see the urn, he would be proud to know that we tried to have a very special urn made just for him. He specifically asked us to make sure his ashes were in a wooden box with his family around him. I feel my family and I have worked with you to make this possible and to honour his wishes. Many thanks Russ. You can be proud of the wonderful work you did… It is especially meaningful to us. Take care and keep up the good work you are doing.”
Dawn | Ajax, ON
“The trunk is absolutely stunning! You are very talented at what you do. My husband (who never has an opinion) also thought it was amazing. He was completely surprised by it! Everybody that has seen it has commented how gorgeous it is. I know a couple of people have contacted you to be put on a list! I also know a few more that plan on contacting you in the near future :). It is something that will be cherished in our home for years and will be passed on to one of our children.”
Jillian | Evansburg, AB


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