We are almost in the clear of the COVID crisis. We just have to be a bit more patient, wear masks a bit longer and continue to be “distance aware” when in public places. I’m really looking forward to being able to get close to our grand kids, especially giving hugs, but must be compliant and safe.

Some good news for anyone wondering how long they’re likely to wait for a trunk… Currently I have NO WAIT TIMES for any orders, new or postponed. I was able to get a lot of trunks out the door thanks to being home 98% of the time over the last year. It was nice to spend the cold, wet winter days in a dry shop but now that the golf courses are drying up I’m looking forward to getting back out there. I worry about a potential surge in backdated orders but I’m certain it will be more manageable going forward. At this time I have a lot of postponements and a number of people on the wait list. I have contacted those who’s names have come up on the list but am still awaiting responses. I hope you can email me back when you’re ready to take possession of a trunk. Get your name in so I can include you in my upcoming build lists. Thanks!