Hello from Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks & Urns.  I hope you and your family are coping with this awful health crisis and are maintaining the appropriate safety measures to reduce the spread of this nasty virus and staying healthy.

I wanted to update all of my customers with news on the “Wait List” and my current production levels.  I am fortunate in one way, in that I am able to fill my days making sawdust and have been successful in getting record numbers of trunks out my door over the past few years, however, with this success I find I am quickly diminishing my supplies that I have been lucky enough to acquire for these efforts.   I wanted to be clear and let everyone know that at this time I am uncertain what the availability will be as to restocking my materials or what my costs will be when I am able to reconnect with my suppliers.  I will continue to build the various components for my trunks with the materials I have on hand while I practice social distancing as required.   I will continue to keep my customers informed via this website as well as Facebook, as they evolve.  I’m really hoping there will not be a lack of resources or a need for price increases, however, depending on how the market changes and how soon the Canadian dollar recovers, it may not be something I have control over.  I will endeavour, as always, to keep my prices reasonable and affordable.

For those who are on the wait list and eagerly awaiting my email advising “they’re next”, I wanted to be clear on what you can expect for the near future.  Considering these trunks are a luxury expense, I expect that taking care of your families is paramount and expenditures like a Regimental Trunk are very low on your priorities.  I totally understand this and intend to maintain my wait list accordingly; however, there are some changes necessary for now.  If you find yourself in a financial crunch and unable to afford such a purchase, please just let me know and I will mark you down as “Postponed” for now.  This doesn’t take you off my wait list, however, it allows me to move down that list to contact anyone who may have set funds aside or are maybe in an enviable position to complete such a purchase regardless.  If you do decide to postpone, then when you feel you are able to move ahead with a purchase all you need to do is email me, provide your customer number (if you know it) and I’ll put your name on the next upcoming build lists.  Depending on the numbers, the next wait you experience won’t be anything like what you’ve already had to endure.  I’m sorry for your having to wait as long as you have, but I wanted you to know that I’m ahead of my projected schedule as it was before this pandemic started…  Unfortunately I have numerous postponements already (well over 50) and I am unable to contact everyone singularly to ask if they are still in the market for a trunk, so if you wish to continue, eventually, with a purchase I just ask that you let me know when it would be appropriate to start on your order.  For those of you with Customer Numbers 441 upwards you can expect to hear from me relatively soon.

Please keep your families safe and healthy as we try to work through this unprecedented crisis.  For those of you out on the streets or in the Hospitals, please accept my eternal gratitude for your service to our citizens.