This is an update on the current waitlist status and an alert regarding some potential supply issue matters.

Currently there is no wait list for trunks. Fortunately I was able to spend lots of time in the shop last year and got quite a few trunks out to customers. Bear in mind that there were a number of order postponements due to the pandemic, which allowed me to go through the list quicker. As the economy recovers there is potential for the waitlist to grow if postponed orders start coming in.

As a result of a busy production year I will need to replenish my supplies very soon. We are all familiar with the COVID-related delays and border closures causing impacts, however, there are new issues regarding raw material shortages that have become a new concern these days. I always try to ensure I have all supplies needed to complete the trunk build but with the potential for shortages, increased costs and shipping delays there could be delays or changes from time to time.

Once the economy gets moving again I am hopeful that the current status of the softwood and hardwood industries will settle down as well. In the meantime, I do have supplies available and there is no wait for a trunk. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in getting on the list or starting your postponed order. Thanks for your continued support.