Hello from Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks & Urns!

It has been a while since last posting anything, and I’m sorry for that. I experienced a bit of a medical situation that kind of slowed me down for the past 5 months, but I’m optimistic that things will continue to get better soon. I have been able to build in order to keep up with my orders thankfully, so things got rolling again and I’m back to normal again. I had been tasked with making quite a few customized urns recently and they turned out marvelously. Working on the smaller items fit well into my rehab as I had to be careful when lifting my trunks.

I am pleased to say that the new shipping process I started pre-Christmas has turned out wonderfully as well. The trunks are being handled professionally and safely, and as a bonus, they are less expensive to ship. Shipping costs are getting outrageous and using the traditional shippers has seen considerable increases which, unfortunately, are passed directly on to the customers. My new process involves a trucking company, who takes extra care in ensuring the trunks aren’t dropped or boxes inadvertently punctured causing potential damage to the trunks inside. I’m very happy with the new process.

I currently have a minimal wait list, usually containing no more than 3 or 4 trunks at a time. The timing to get a trunk has never been better!

I have noticed that the cost of materials hasn’t rallied back down to pre-Covid prices (not that I expected them to) and the cost of driving back and forth during the building process is continually climbing, but I continue every effort to keep my costs down and consequently, the purchase price of my products.

Please don’t hesitate to visit my website, www.barnandstable.com to see the newer creations, including customized crests from various Canadian Armed Forces units that have been keeping me hopping recently. Don Rideout, (www.donebydon.ca) has been a valuable connection for my product lines and new products that are being requested more frequently by my clientele… Expect to see more of my newer creations as I get them back from my finisher.

Thanks again for visiting this page.