Happy Labour Day.. Well friends, it’s back to school for the kids and summer is pretty much over for the rest of us. I am back in the shop and will be spending less time on the golf courses. I have been able to catch up completely on my “running order list”. There is still a number of customers who had asked for a postponement on their orders, however, I’ve been continually building and supplying trunks to those who have ordered over the summer. Sorry to say that Christmas is a mere 4 months away, so if you had aspirations to gift a trunk to someone you’ll have to get on the list early. I have several names on my Christmas 2022 list so far and will be diligently building as the weather turns. A note on shipping those Christmas orders; as we get closer to December it is now tradition that shipping costs are increased prior to and during the holidays, so if you ARE planning a Christmas Order, it would be wise to order early to avoid those extra fees and to find a place to “hide” your purchase in anticipation of the big day.

I have added a new add-on for any current and future trunk owners… You can find the details on my website so I’m just going to add a photo and say that this item has been long coming. I have received several requests for a glass top with the RCMP logo engraved on it to act as a removable table-top. I have finally been able to complete a couple of these and am happy to add them to my lineup.

Hoping you all have had a great summer and look forward to emailing you. Please keep in mind that if you don’t hear back from me in two or three days from your first email, to check your SPAM folders as sometimes my emails get flagged as potential SPAM or Junk Mail… I strive to answer any emails within days of receiving them.