March 2022 – Update from the Shop

//March 2022 – Update from the Shop

March 2022 – Update from the Shop

I’m really not happy to announce this but I am unable to maintain my pre-COVID prices, as I had hoped.  The product shortages, fuel costs and COVID-inspired price increases for certain materials I use in my trunks have increased as anticipated.  Some of my other supplies are getting low and when it becomes necessary to order new materials I expect they will be more costly as well.  Even though this price increase isn’t huge right now (less than 2%), it is troubling nonetheless to have to make them.

I will continue to build trunks in the order the emails are received, until further notice.  Thank you in advance for your interest in purchasing a Regimental Trunk or Memorial Urn.  At this time I currently have no serious waits for new or previous trunk requests and I hope to be connecting soon with customers who have requested postponements to their orders.  There are no wait times or price increases for the standard urns at this time, except for those that need to be customized.

Unfortunately, I also experienced some email issues recently and as a result, the archived folder containing the names and emails of all my customers who requested their orders be postponed was inadvertently deleted.  I can still use my “hard copy” customer list and the email addresses that were initially provided, so I will be sending out emails soon to confirm their intentions.  If you are one of these customers who postponed, and still intend to proceed with a trunk order at some time, please reconnect with me so I can set my schedule to ensure you receive your trunk in a timely manner.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


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