I’m pleased to announce a new choice for trunk purchasers who are interested in a more modern look, and also offer an additional tray option.

Nickel Option:

After several requests and considerable research, I have been able to secure a supply of nickel/stainless hardware that I have used to give the trunks a more modern look. The “nickel option” replaces all of the traditional brass hardware, screws and antique crests with nickel pieces and pewter crests; giving the trunk a more modern look that fits with today’s stainless-focused home decors.

Please note, the traditional brass hardware is still as available for the original price. The “nickel option” is available as a $75.00 CAD upgrade due to increased costs of the materials.

New Tray Option:

After receiving several requests to add a sliding tray option, trunks may now be ordered with a sliding half-tray. There is no price variance for this option, however, please be aware that the sliding half tray may impact the amount of items you can store within the trunk.