Now’s the time to take advantage of NO WAIT LIST!

I have been very busy in the shop over the past 20 months and was able to get a LOT of trunks out the door! I have now emailed everyone who has asked for a postponement. I have received a number of responses and have sorted out the list of upcoming orders.

At this time, if you place an order (or re-order) you will now receive your trunk in record time.

I have been actively building all of the time-consuming trunk components in preparation for upcoming orders. This has made trunk assembly more efficient and has improved the time in which customers receive their orders. If you are considering ordering a trunk now is a great time to take advantage of this “stockpile” of components, while it lasts. Typically, orders slow down around the holidays but dramatically increase in February and March.

Other items of note;

January 2021 pricing remains in effect. However, these prices are likely to increase once the current materials I have in stock run out and I need to re-order supplies.

Obtaining supplies continues to be challenging due to the current world-wide supply status. This could impact trunk builds and may result in slower order completion times.

A number of materials I rely on are obtained in the US. Although the US/Canada Border is open I cannot travel to pick up supplies due to the current COVID testing policies. Hopefully this will change soon!

Costs outside of my control have increased, and may continue to rise. These costs include finishing, shipping, packing and insuring products.

I want to wish everyone reading this a Healthy and Happy Festive Season. We are all working hard at surviving this COVID pandemic and putting it behind us. Let’s wish for a new (better) beginning for 2022 and start moving forward for happier and healthier times.

All the best,