Recently I have become aware that there are a number of woodworkers currently building and selling their own versions of “RCMP” trunks.

Readers should be aware that currently, Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks is the ONLY business in Canada licensed to display the iconic RCMP crests and/or logo on the trunks and urns being offered for sale, as authorized by the RCMP Foundation.

Please be aware that any “RCMP” trunk being produced outside of Barn and Stable Regimental Trunks is not licensed through the RCMP Foundation and these builders do not have any legal rights to bear the RCMP crest and/or logo on their products.

I wanted to relay this information because I feel these “replicas” defy the RCMP Foundation’s policy and procedures and are a direct contravention of the copyright regulations. Notwithstanding this, the builders of these imitations are not held responsible to any quality controls, nor do they donate to the RCMP Foundation and the community benefits that come with licensing their products.

Although these builders are offering quicker wait times and slightly cheaper prices, I would like my current and prospective clients to understand that Barn and Stable is legitimately building RCMP products under license. I stand behind my products and am loyal to the RCMP logo by ensuring I comply with the laws of running a business. I understood that due to the popularity of the Regimental Trunks, others would eventually take the opportunity to capitalize on their own; that’s the unfortunate cost of operating a successful business.

I hope that by relaying this information you can better understand the difference between my products and others being produced without license. Unfortunately, there is a lengthy wait list for one of my trunks and I can’t change that now. Please know that I am putting in every effort to speed up my production and you can be confident in knowing that I will not compromise the quality of my products in order to build more, faster.

I thank you for your continued support and patience.